Beginning players should be greedy. Their skills are not honed enough to pass the ball like All Blacks.  If someone passes to you, your job is to run straight with the ball to make as much ground as possible. When you get touched, someone else will get a turn at running.

There are 6 touches and 6 players on the field- everyone should get to touch the ball during each of your attacking possessions.

Top Attacking Basic Terms 
1. Plant: The ball carrier after getting touched (or initiating), ensures their hips and shoulders are facing the touchdown line they are running toward, places the ball on the ground and steps their whole body over the ball

2. Ruck Area: Where the ball has been planted. This is where the referee sets their 5m defensive line from.

3. Mark: A position on the field where the referee expects you to perform a skill, such as plant or tap. Where you get touched you must place the ball exactly on the mark. When you receive a penalty or a turnover you must ask the referee for the mark before doing your tap or plant. 

4. Initiate: When you are carryng the ball, and you touch the defender instead of waiting for them to touch you. Immediately after you initiate, you plant the ball on the mark. 

5. Yards: Safe plays (touches 1-3) where the attacking team run straight at the defence and get touched on purpose providing quick plants with dummy half in position. Implemented to get the defense on the back foot to enable concentrated attack on touches 4-6.

6. Split: The attacker after initiating a touch plants the ball correctly and takes a step to the side and one step backwards to get behind the dummy half to enable immediate transfer from dummy half to the planter who has split. 

7. Peel: After passing the ball from dummy half you run around behind the receiver you passed to who is running straight and then become a support player on the outside. 

Game 1-2 Top 5 Basic Attack 
1.  Listen to the referee, often they provide the best coaching we receive.

2.  Run straight with the ball on touches 1-5. Utilise all six touches every set of possession you get

3.  Slow down before coming to the contact area, so you can immediately put the ball down when you're touched.

4.  Have a dummy half in position to pick up the ball within 2 seconds of it being planted. 

5.  Receiver of dummy half pass should be running before they receive ball, so receiver should stand 2m to the side and 4m behind "Ruck Area".

Game 3-5 Tips Basic Attack 
1. Hold the ball in two hands at all times to create confusion in the defence. 

2. Get touched on purpose to set up a ruck and force the defence to retreat 5m.

3. Initiate on the defender so you control the speed of the game.

4. Dummy half pass the ball to a receiver who is angling back to the ruck. Dummy half then runs (peels) around behind the receiver to provide a passing option and hopefully create an overlap.

5. Sub when your team has the ball on touches 1-3 being mindful that your team has three players prepared to work the ball forward while you are subbing.

Game 6-10 Tips Basic Attack 
1. Each attacker should be able to read the number (on their team mates back) of the person next to them that has or is closer to the ball than them.

2. Spread across the field evenly and maintain this even spread so that the defense will spread to mark each of your players. This will create bigger gaps in the defensive line.  

3. Ball carriers and receivers start wide apart but run on angles to make passes easier.

4. When you decide that you are going to run straight at the defense ensure that you first sight where your dummy half is and make your run so the dummy half has the least amount of ground to cover to get to their pass. Communicate with them that you are going to plant for them ("Down for you", "Grass", "Pick me up" etc)

5. Support players can create as much confusion as the ball carriers by changing their angles, calling for the ball, supporting with appropriate depth etc.