October's Recipe of the Month

The scoop is a skill performed numerous times in each match as the defenders become tired.

You will need:

1 person (scooper) who can pick up the ball with two hands and accelerate for 5m

1 person (planter) who is good at running straight, initiating the touch, and planting the ball on the mark

5 players who will run to support you when you have beaten the defence

2 defenders showing signs of fatigue/slowness side by side


1. Your scooper communicates with planter "Go down for me

2. The planter runs at the defence at a constant speed without any stutter/side steps and reaches out and touches the defence while planting the ball with their other hand.

3. The planter takes one step to the side immediately after stepping their whole body over the ball.

4. The scooper following the planter 1-2m behind is already running.

5. The scooper places one foot to the side and behind the ball

6. The scooper bends that knee and their other foot steps in front of the ball, but to the same side.

7. The scooper picks up the ball and runs straight without hesitation or side step for a minimum of 5m.

8. After running 5m the scooper should be clear of the immediate defense and is now looking for their passing options.

9. Options are to continue sprinting or pass off to support player who is in the clear or faster. 

More often than not this recipe results in a touchdown being scored.

November's Recipe of the Month 
3-Man Wedge

The 3-Man Wedge is used to kick start your yardage after receiving possession of the ball.

You Will Need:

3 Players who can catch the ball on the run and plant the ball on the mark.

3 support players who can be organised on touches 4-6 to attack off the momentum created by the Wedge.


1. Ask the ref for the mark

2. Plant the ball, dummy half passes a pop ball to receiver who is running only 1m to the side and receives the ball 1m behind the ruck.

3. The receiver runs straight at the defence at a controlled speed and plants the ball after initiating on the defender.

4. The original planter has continued forward and is the new dummy half.

5. The original DH is the new receiver of a pop ball only 1m to the side and receives the ball 1m behind the ruck.

6. Pattern players rotate around is: Planter->DH->Receiver->Planter->DH->Receiver ->Planter->DH->Receiver->Planter

7. After the third touch we have three main options:

        A) the DH passes to receiver and then peels around behind the receiver. Receiver passes DH the ball and then we can attack wide.

        B) scoop through against the tired defenders.

        C) Throw a long ball from DH to the three fresh attackers to spread the defence.