Touch NZ to adopt FIT rules at upcoming National Events:

 Touch NZ are  in the process of implementing the new FIT rules in New Zealand in a phased process starting at the 2020 Premier Touch League in October. How does this affect Touch Modules? Modules are not required to implement these changes until the 2021/22 season however you can adopt these rules earlier if you wish. 

See below the main rule changes, and see attached rules and memo from Joe Sprangers CE Touch NZ.

  • 7 Metre line
  • Drop off procedure 
  • Adoption of the ‘gate’ at the sub-box

Touch NZ will be providing more information in the coming weeks including videos and FAQ’s to help you better understand the rule changes. Stay tuned to our website or social media channels.

You can download the memo from Touch NZ CEO Joe Sprangers and a copy of the Trial version of the rules on the right.